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Wordpress is a leading open source content management system. Our strenght in Wordpress is when we create themes and plugins.


Magento is one other great content management system that we try to be best at it. And that is it - two platforms only. Magento has a steep learning curve but we are on top of it.


Working with open source platforms is great but we also know a thing or two about building small projects from the ground up. We will not bring you the Everest mountain but if your goal is Rila mountain - drop as a line.

Clients' Projects

Antler UK

Antler is a luxury travel luggage company for more than 90 years. They choose us as their web developing agancy but we are not really sure why. Nevertheless we are working almost two years with them and bringing goodness to their Magento e-Commerce website.

Revelation London

Revelation London is a sister brand to Antler. Despite being very similar (as with all siblings) there are some key differences that creates unique challanges to us as developers.

Infiniti Collection

Infiniti Collection is the place where Infiniti showcase their used but still amazing cars. If you are looking for a classy but yet fun car on a good price, make sure to check the site.


Greensleeves provides the best possible care for older people.

Our Own Projects

Find cool place in Bulgaria to get some work done.

Don't get screwed when exchanging currency in Bulgaria. Find the best deals by banks and change offices.

Our first and most popular Wordpress plugin. Not a biggie but pretty.

Small and simple WooCommerce plugin that adds a missing piece of data to the API.

The Team

Marush Denchev

Senior Web Developer

Besides being both an owner of the company and web developer Marush's passion is to lead projects, clients and coworkers into a brigter future.

Marush is a Magento Certified Front End Developer

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