A new plugin developed

I’m very pleased to present the newest plugin developed for WordPress by HTML Pet. Well … probably it is very optimistic to announce the small “gist” of a code but still 🙂

WooCommerce VAT to API” is a simple (very) plugin that adds only two additional functionality and they are on top of another two plugins – WooCommerce and Booster for WooCommerce. First – add a new key into order’s billing address when requested by WooCommerce API. This is very handy for retailers who want to send their Woo-data to an ERP system. With all the EU laws VAT is an essential part of a B2B order.

The second functionality is the ability to auto fill customer’s pre-filled VAT number (when VAT module is enabled by Booster for WooCommerce). By default when you try to create a manual order and you select an existing customer their billing and shipping data is pre-populated. But for some reason the VAT number is not. So the plugin makes sure the code is also extracted and put in the right place.

That is it. Few lines of code but could save you a lot of time.